Retrospective: The Cinema of Fred Zinnemann

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Time has not been kind to the once revered classic Hollywood director Fred Zinnemann. During the height of his career he was a filmmaking giant – with the likes of Hitchcock, Huston, and Kazan. Forty years later, those directors are now icons of cinema, while Zinnemann has unfortunately been forgotten. The director of Academy Award-winning classics such as “High Noon,” “From Here to Eternity,” and “A Man For All Seasons,” Zinnemann’s films are still highly regarded but the director himself is rarely mentioned in lists of the greatest directors of all time.

But after watching the majority of his work including both the previously mentioned classics and many other lesser-known pieces all of which show his inimitable, self-effacing directing style with the use of documentary style shooting to attain realism and by following key, humanistic, and often underused themes such as “character as destiny” and “the inner struggle,”…

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