VIDEO Dems’ Russian Hacking Story Affirms Hillary E-mail Scandal – Perez Hillary-Style Email Scandal

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Blue State Blues: Democrats’ Russian Hacking Story Affirms Hillary Clinton E-mail Scandal

 16 Dec 2016 by Joel B. Pollack

It is odd that the very people who insisted, prior to the election, that Hillary Clinton’s email “mistake” was a non-scandal are now claiming hysterically that a Russian hacking effort tipped the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump.

The kind of hacking that the White House, the Democratic Party, and much of the mainstream media are suddenly so deeply concerned about is exactly what Hillary Clinton risked by storing classified information on an illicit private email server.

Let us stipulate, for the purposes of discussion, that the Russians are constantly trying to hack both government and private email — as are the Chinese, whose hacking of the Office of Personnel Management in 2015 caused a major security breach.

There is no evidence — none — that Russian hacking affected the voting process. In…

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