CIA Docs Reveal Plans To Oust Assad, Destroy Syria For Oil Pipeline – Why CIA Dir Must Resign

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CIA Docs Reveal Plans To Oust Syrian President Assad And Destroy Syria For Oil Pipeline

From We Are Change, by Aaron Kesel

A recent release of documents in the CIA’s cache — codenamed Crest — totalling up to 13 million documents reveal the CIA’s plans to oust the Syrian President, Hafez al-Assad.

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The documents date back to the years through 1984-1986 and purport to reveal plans to strengthen resistance against the former President Assad within Syria.

In the 28 page document entitled: “Syria: Scenarios Of Dramatic Political Change,” the CIA notes that, “factionalism plagues the political and military elite of Syria, and the military’s strong tradition of coup plotting could reassert itself.”

The document also accused Assad of being in, “poor health,” due to a heart attack he suffered in 1983 and said that…

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