Amid collusion allegations, AP releases review of its coverage of Nazi Germany

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In late 1935, AP submitted to an anti-Semitic edict that all people working in German media must be of German ‘Aryan’ origin

A man looks at the wreckage of a Jewish shop in Berlin on Nov. 10, 1938, in the aftermath of Kristallnacht, an organized nationwide attack carried out by Nazi paramilitary forces and German civilians over two days. The rampage, during which the perpetrators set fire to hundreds of synagogues, looted thousands of Jewish businesses and attacked Jews throughout Germany, is often considered the beginning of the Holocaust. (AP Photo)

News agency disputes accusations that it collaborated with the Third Reich, but allows that it was insufficiently independent

May 10, 2017 BY DAVID CRARY

NEW YORK (AP) — The Associated Press has conducted an in-depth review of its operations in Nazi Germany, concluding that the news agency acted as “forthrightly and independently as possible.” But the review also found AP handled some situations inadequately.

The review was undertaken after an article published last year contended that the AP allowed Nazi propagandists to exert some influence over its news photo report in the 1930s by maintaining a photo subsidiary in Germany, registered under a restrictive Nazi press law.

The author, historian Harriet Scharnberg, also identified AP German photographers who were drafted into or joined Nazi military propaganda units during…

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