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Homotopy Theory in Homotopy Type Theory: Introduction

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Many of us working on homotopy type theory believe that it will be a better framework for doing math, and in particular computer-checked math, than set theory or classical higher-order logic or non-univalent type…

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Stanley Kubrick : Lolita (vf) 1962

L’infinie misère humaine est dans le livre de Nabokov, adapté par Kubrick avec James Mason: https://m.ok.ru/dk?st.cmd=movieLayer&st.discId=207800961659&st.retLoc=default&st.discType=MOVIE&st.mvId=207800961659&st.stpos=rec_13&_prevCmd=movieLayer&tkn=899

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Internal category in #HoTT

https://ncatlab.org/nlab/show/internal+category+in+homotopy+type+theory https://ncatlab.org/nlab/show/category+object+in+an+%28infinity%2C1%29-category

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Segal-type models of higher categories


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“Dismissive attitude of #HoTT” among homotopy theorists and higher category theorists


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David Corfield : #HoTT and the vertical unity of concepts in mathematics


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An Interval Type Implies Function Extensionality

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One of the most important spaces in homotopy theory is the interval (be it the topological interval or the simplicial interval ). Thus, it is natural to ask whether there is, or can be,…

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