Homotopy Theory in Type Theory: Progress Report

Homotopy Type Theory

A little while ago, we gave an overview of the kinds of results in homotopy theory that we might try to prove in homotopy type theory (such as calculating homotopy groups of spheres), and the basic tools used in our synthetic approach to the subject (such as univalence and higher inductive types).   The big open questions are: How much homotopy theory can one do in this synthetic style? And, how hard is it to work in this style, and to give computer-checked proofs of these results?

Thus far, our results have been quite encouraging on both of these fronts: We’ve done a significant swath of basic homotopy theory synthetically, including calculations of  πn(Sn),  π3(S2),  and π4(S3); proofs of the Freudenthal suspension theorem, the Blakers-Massey theorem, and van Kampen’s theorem; a construction of Eilenberg-Mac Lane spaces; and a development…

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