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André Joyal : New variations on the notion of topos : locus and para-topos

https://sites.google.com/site/logiquecategorique/autres-seminaires/ihes/ihestopos/joyal Click to access 0.pdf

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#HoTT The Book : type 2 of booleans; type N of natural numbers

The HoTT Book L’ensemble 2={0, 11} des deux valeurs de vérité Vrai (1) et Faux (0) est un type à deux termes ; 2: U que l’on retrouve souvent en programmation : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boolean_data_type Il peut être construit comme coproduit (Somme) … Continue reading

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Guillaume Brunerie : weak infinity groupoids in #HoTT


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#HoTT : le cours d’André Joyal en cinq parties sur les tribus

Partie 1: Click to access download Partie 2: Click to access download Partie 3: Click to access download Partie 4: Click to access download Partie 5: Click to access download

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New Foundations: Towards Tribal Unity

Originally posted on Fewer Lacunae:
Part Of: Principles of Machine Learning sequence Followup To: Five Tribes of Machine Learning Content Summary: 1700 words, 17 min read Overview In Five Tribes of Machine Learning, I reviewed Pedro Domingos’ account of tribes…

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