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Categories types and structures

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Jacob Lurie : what is an ∞-category ?

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Rezk : stuff about quasicategories

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#HoTT André Joyal : la notion de typos

Voir cet ancien article : https://anthroposophiephilosophieetscience.wordpress.com/2017/10/14/andre-joyal-hott-tribus-et-⊓-tribus/ et la note de Joyal : Click to access Joyal.pdf Page 15 sur 52 définition du «  push forward functor » associé à une flèche f : A → B dans une catégorie C Le … Continue reading

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The Morita model structure on Cat

Originally posted on Dreaming of mathematics:
There is a well-known model structure on Cat where the weak equivalences are the categorical equivalences, i.e. the functors that are fully faithful and essentially surjective on objects, the cofibrations are the functors that…

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