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L’état des choses (state of things)

« L’ami américain » (1977) est ici : https://anthroposophiephilosophieetscience.wordpress.com/2017/07/11/lami-americain-wim-wenders-1977/ D’autres grands films de Wim Wenders sur vumoo.li : http://vumoo.li/videos/play/watch-paristexas-39585 http://vumoo.li/videos/play/watch-wings-of-desire-16601 http://vumoo.li/videos/play/watch-hammett-42525 http://vumoo.li/videos/play/watch-buena-vista-social-club-92614

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Théorie des types TT et théorie des catégories CT

https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/1883501/type-vs-hott-vs-category-vs-topos/1883650 « Both Type Theory (TT from here on) and Category Theory (CT) can be thought as abstract theories of functions. Nonetheless they are very different in their spirit: while TT tries to capture function application CT is interested in function … Continue reading

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Profunctors as Relations

Originally posted on   Bartosz Milewski's Programming Cafe:
A profunctor is a categorical construct that takes relations to a new level. It is an embodiment of a proof-relevant relation. We don’t talk enough about relations. We talk about domesticated relations…

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