Kubrick’s ‘Fear and Desire’ finally sees official release

Independent Ethos

It took many years after his death, but director Stanley Kubrick’s disowned debut feature has now finally seen official release. Thanks to restoration work by the Library of Congress for Audio Visual Conservation in Culpeper, Virginia and Kino Classics Kubrick fans can finally watchFear and Desire in quality HD. Released on Blu-ray and DVDon Oct. 23, this rarely seen movie has always been the holy grail of early Kubrick features because he famously forbade it from ever being shown not long after its completion in 1953, calling it his “student film.”

I had only seen it once before on a blurry DVD dubbed from a VHS copy. You can imagine the horror of watching it in such a state. In fact, you don’t need to imagine that atrocity, which sacrificed much nuance in the degradation of the image and sound. Kino has released a clip comparing this popularly bootlegged…

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