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Emily Riehl et Dominic Verity ont terminé la rédaction de « Elements of ∞-category theory »


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Un texte d’Alexandre Grothendieck (1928-2014)


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Coleridge : le dit du vieux marin, un poème qui est aussi un récit initiatique

Ce poème est avec deux autres : Christabel et Kubla khan issu de « l’année miraculeuse » , période de fécondité miraculeuse dans la vie du poète. J’ai déjà écrit ce commentaire à son propos : https://mathesisuniversalis.wordpress.com/2015/05/27/brunschvicgraisonreligion-exemple-4-des-opositions-fondamentales-le-dit-du-vieux-marin-de-coleridge/ où j’ai trouvé en lui … Continue reading

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LARUELLE’S DEMOCRATIC RELATIVISM: failed immanence, concept-blindness, and non-virtuous performance

Originally posted on AGENT SWARM:
1) Recent attempts at validating François Laruelle’s ideas in terms of the idealist criterion of “performativity” actively hinder their immanent evaluation and reduce his system to a form of democratic relativism where “all thoughts are…

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Badiou’s THE IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS: Prologue (against Deleuze)

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Badiou’s Prologue is entitled: Formal Presentation of the Absolute Place (or Location). Note: I am continuing my commentary on the Table of Contents to Badiou’s forthcoming book THE IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS, trying to anticipate some…

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Alain Badiou, Lecture on “The Immanence of Truth” [Transcription]

Originally posted on dingpolitik:
This lecture occurred in the Department of French and Italian at Princeton University. The date was October of 2017. This is transcribed by myself for the purposes of personal study only. My work is not to be…

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The Immanence of Truths – Alain Badiou

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  THE IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS is Alain Badiou‘s forthcoming sequel to Being and Event, and Logics of Worlds… Here is Terence Blake’s translation of the book’s contents page shared by François Nicolas… General Introduction Speculative Strategy Immanence,…

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