Alain Badiou, Lecture on “The Immanence of Truth” [Transcription]


This lecture occurred in the Department of French and Italian at Princeton University. The date was October of 2017. This is transcribed by myself for the purposes of personal study only. My work is not to be used for republication.

I don’t know, after all, if I am really a philosopher. If I am really a philosopher, I am certainly a strange animal. Because a philosopher is a strange animal for many reasons. And we know that from the very beginning, from Socrates, for many people in Ancient Greece, Socrates was really a strange animal. And it was at the end a necessity to kill him. And why, after all, why? It is exactly the strangeness of philosophy and the philosopher. I think we can speak of a very simple contradiction. On one side, the goal, the objective, finality, of philosophy is very simple: it is to propose a judgment…

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