Badiou’s THE IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS: Prologue (against Deleuze)


Badiou’s Prologue is entitled: Formal Presentation of the Absolute Place (or Location).

Note: I am continuing my commentary on the Table of Contents to Badiou’s forthcoming book THE IMMANENCE OF TRUTHS, trying to anticipate some part of its content based on his prior published works and on his unpublished seminars.

This is an intriguing title as in his previous work Badiou has always ruled out the existence of such an “absolute place”. In his SECOND MANIFESTO FOR PHILOSOPHY he argues that the idea of a total multiplicity, or multiplicity of all multiplicities, is incoherent and thus is devoid of being.

There is not the localizing being of worlds and the localized being of objects. Nor is there the Universe as the absolute place of all there is (SECOND MANIFESTO, 30-31).

This non-existence of an absolute place is also a crucial part of his presentation of his difference with Deleuze. In…

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