LARUELLE’S DEMOCRATIC RELATIVISM: failed immanence, concept-blindness, and non-virtuous performance


1) Recent attempts at validating François Laruelle’s ideas in terms of the idealist criterion of “performativity” actively hinder their immanent evaluation and reduce his system to a form of democratic relativism where “all thoughts are equal”.

2) There can be no automatic validation of performance, performativity is not the same as infallibility, and a performance needs itself to be evaluated.

3) Laruelle’s critique of “sufficient philosophy” is based on his own primitive form of virtue epistemology: for him the (sufficient) philosopher is by stipulation not virtuous. “Sufficient” philosophy is not only cognitively closed, one-sided, and dogmatic, but also morally flawed: arrogant and authoritarian.

4) Laruelle’s replacement hypothesis for philosophy’s failed attempt at immanence is a form of quantum messianism. However, the “Quantum Christ” is a personal non-generic posit, which cannot rationally exclude the coming of a quantum flying spaghetti monster as synonym of his own more traditional appellations.

5) Laruelle’s…

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