Full Metal Jacket – Pvt Joker’s Born to Kill/Peace Sign and the Jungian Duality of Man

Roland's Civil War

This Jungian duality is something that I feel is experienced with many soldiers who were ever called upon to commit acts which conflicted with their own beliefs and conscious. This would be true, whether it was a soldier during the Civil War and relevant up to the present day.

Born to Kill Peace Sign
From Stanley Kubrick’s movie – Full Metal Jacket

In this scene, a Marine Colonel happens to notice Private Joker, who is a Reporter. He is looking at this mass grave of bodies in order to make a report for it in the Stars and Stripes Newspaper.

Joker BTK

The full exchange between Private Joker and the Colonel goes like this –

Colonel – Marine! What is that button on your body armor?
Marine – A Peace Symbol Sir!
Colonel – Where’d you get it?
Marine – I don’t remember Sir!
Colonel – What is that you’ve got written on your helmet?
Marine –…

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