De la mathématique à la métathématique

Avant-propos :Logique de la Création :


  • Put part of Nature into a Laboratory, you have Physics.
  • Take away Matter, and you find Mathematics.
  • Take away the equations, and your end up with MetaThematics”
  • You will find that we are the creators of it »

metathématique 00 : concepts centraux de la 4DDlogique:

The following series of pages invites you to rethink everything you know, and how you know.
Here you will come to see that Reality is – by definition – a realisation.

You will discover that the mathematics we know is by definition useless to describe this.
However, mathematics will turn out to be our creation; we can create other forms of mathematics.
We however need not to look at the forms of mathematics, but at their underlying logic.
We will find that we need a simple single formal complex multi-valued logic: the 4DD Logic.

  • The 4DD Logic is simple: every boundary is a Field.
  • Every Separator is a Connector.
  • Analysis comes with synthesis, always.
  • Every part is always part of a/the whole.

This requires a different form of thinking.
We will come to need to rethink everything we know; including our knowing.
We will find, end up with, a logic which helps us understand the nature of creation.
In understanding the nature of creation we come to understand also our creation with/in nature.

You will come to understand why this can be called the god equation.
You will come to appreciate that we therewith have a basis for the equation of health.
You will come to realise that this is a formal formulation of consciousness, and creation.
You will be surprised to find that all we know remains valid; but in a different manner.

The difference is that we are creators; active members in/of/for/by creation.
Objects not objectivity exist; we are subjects and our subjectivity matters.
We find ourselves with(in) a logic and mathematics for/of involvement.
We will find that we are response-able for everything we create in creation.

  • There will be an introduction to the 4DD Logic, by reference to earlier papers.
  • Then there will be a primer on the need to go from Mathematics to MetaThematics.
  • Then, there will be a declaration of the limits and limitations of contemporary science.
  • Finally we will end up with a science of life which is beyond description but well within realisation.

Welcome to this series of articles which will ask you to question your/our whole existence.

And lead you to the realisation that science (and religion) is not about description, but for realisation.

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